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Have you ever heard of quantum physics outside of sci-fi literature? We might be closer to lightsabers and time travel than you think! This blog is all about explaining real world applications of quantum technology, from the creation of new materials to the observation of the most microscopic phenomena.

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Sam Mugel

PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

I have recently finished my PhD, which is on the fascinating topic of synthetic materials and quantum simulators. I did my PhD at the University of Southampton (in the UK) and at ICFO (in Spain). During this time I met many experts in all kinds of fields, who shared their interests and projects with me. Since then, I have been intensively researching technological applications of quantum phenomena, mainly focusing on the next big thing: quantum computing!
This website is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge of topics that I am passionate about, and to give you a broad overview of the cutting edge of research.

My Areas of Interest

Quantum Communication

Quantum Sensing

Quantum Computing

Quantum Simulation

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