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by Sam Mugel

19th of December 2018

Can we use Quantum Computers to Predict Financial Crashes?

We live in a world where financial institutions hold vast portfolios, which often include shares in other financial institutions. In this situation, could a particular transaction lead to a financial crash?
This is an incredibly complex question. It’s so complex that traditional supercomputers are incapable of tackling it, even for simple toy models. Could quantum computing hold the answer to solve these problems?

17th of August 2018

Quantum Computing and Finance

Financial players rely on the power of computing to reduce the risk. This has led to a computing arms race among them, where bigger profits result from analyzing a situation faster and in more detail. This environment is ripe for quantum computers. Due to their promise of unimaginable computational power, they can impose themselves as the information processing machines that will shape the future of finance. We discuss some early attempts to tackle financial problems through quantum computing.

4th of October 2017

What’s the big deal with room temperature superconductivity?

Many materials superconduct when cooled to near absolute zero temperatures. This mysterious phenomena is already used in many powerful technologies. What kind of a technological revolution could we expect if we were to invent a superconductor which works at room temperature?

2nd of April 2015

The Journey of a Quantum Walker

My talk presented at the three minute thesis competition, titled "The journey of a quantum walker". I present my work on quantum walks in simple terms, with a single slide and three minutes' time.